The Last Week of "Go Fast" (Destiny)

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1st of February, 2018.

That's the first Bungie Weekly Update I can find chatter about in what is known as "The Go Fast Update".

Quoting from BWU dated 5th of April, 2018;

Josh: Our goal with 1.1.4 was to get back to more of the Destiny 1 style of movement, especially the movement you're working with mid combat. Sprint speeds weren't changed for D2 and therefore it wasn't crazy high priority to hit those. That being said, we called it the "Go Fast" update for a reason and it was absolutely one of the potential changes to test with on our list.

I added a link to said 1.1.4 in the quote above for those of you curious.

To my recollection, that was the first really big change from the original (and indeed needed) Destiny 2 1.0, the effects of which we have felt (I'd argue) to this day in some amount.

There have been other sizeable patches much like when Destiny 2 went all "2.0" and "" with Forsaken and Season of the Outlaw, but nothing I think, I recall has really changed what this game "is" so completely. And despite its pitfalls... yeah. It was fun. Highs and lows.

That all changes in a week, where "Go Fast" starts to become... "Go Build". Here is to hoping, as mentioned, that Bungie already has unknown to us something in the pipe that helps us in the swift creation and application of those builds in game.

Caption: We can rebuild him. We have the technology.

Because Destiny is about to change so much that it basically reworks everything, I'm one for doing what I can to celebrate that last hurrah. I still don't have Vex Mythoclast. I figure I'm going to give Prophecy and the Exotic Weapon dungeons few goes. And even, I figure... would y'all even be up for DBO vs DBO Custom games?

I don't know... just think that with the impending changes, I'd like to do something in-clan before we have to figure out what this game is all over again.

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