Playing for 'fun' is still possible, it just seems harder (Destiny)

by Avateur @, Saturday, December 09, 2023, 21:51 (169 days ago) @ Kermit

You sure are taking quite the confrontational tone. Even pulling up things from that long ago, eh? And making odd connections about when someone shows up to post as if it’s somehow about flaunting gameplay choices made that others haven’t made even though it was entirely irrelevant to the link and topic. But hey, I’m amused, so hey, got anything else fun you’d like to bring up from the past or create false equivalence with? :P

Hey, sorry! I’m poking fun at the practice of using “boomer” perjoratively and remembered when I got accused of taking shots across the generational divide. We quickly made peace then and I’d like to now.

I still think there’s merit in the idea that people who have quit the game perceive bad news about the game differently and have different motivations for sharing the bad news. I thought it was something obvious about human nature but what the heck do I know?

Hey, off topic, thanks again for helping me secure those autographs all those years ago. Never forgot that. Was telling someone about it tonight.

Haha, I think we're mostly on the same page, and I couldn't really tell entirely if you were having fun or were angry with a lot of what's been said in the thread (by myself and others), so I figured I'd see if there was something deeper there. As for people sharing bad news in general about Destiny or other games, there's absolutely merit to that. Over the past few years, I've tried to abstain from posting if I didn't have anything positive or worth while to contribute (I'm not perfect with it), but I definitely still lurk.

Although I haven't been posting frequently for a while now, I have noticed a lot of the same arguments and things occur in cycles here with Destiny. In my opinion, I'm sure some of it has to do with what you mentioned about wanting to share bad news, and a bunch of it is unrelated to that and appears to me like it's out of frustration at what Bungie is or isn't doing (potentially with no other motive than that beyond needing to vent, even if for the hundredth time). For what it's worth, while I don't find Destiny enjoyable to play, Bungie will always hold a special place in my heart, and I want nothing but the best for them. I still keep up with news about them because they are one of my favorite game studios of all time.

Oh and hey, it was my pleasure! Those were really good times, and I still think back on them. In our collective group of peoples (speaking beyond just you and me), we've had a ton of great and fun experiences and gaming, nifty conversations and debates, and while we may not always get along and might be unnecessarily mean to one another from time to time, as a whole, I think a lot of people have made awesome friendships and memories over the years.

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