TWAB|18'O'Nov, 2021| It is... hmmmmm. (Criticism)

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The Tag(?) for this weeks TWAB is "That's a lot of change. Don't fear it. Embrace it."

I agree. Yet it is not the change I fear, but the past choices and timings in those who weld it. We've been down this road before. In fact, I don't know if we ever left.



We won’t go over the full patch notes because it’s mind-numbingly long

Heh heh... challenge accepted. Now lets make these next responses also short and sweet.


Larger effect radius, with less harsh returns in PVP. PVE? BLOW IT UP! ... You know what. I Like it.


In order to meet our goal of less ability spam in the Crucible, we’re reducing how often Hunters can dodge.

OHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... PAAAAAAAIN!!!





Oh shit oh shit oh shit... *reads... "Reduced base cooldown duration from 96s to 15s."

Huh? I'm missing something in the comprehension here.

...Vanish in Smoke melee buff.




I'm almost ok with this. All I'll say is with this change, Seismic Strike is king. "Now blinds enemies in the area on hit." That means it will help make the follow up much easier. The other two? IDK man.


I don't know what to say. Indifferent.


Diamond Lance changes are interesting, but, does anyone even use these? It's been rare to see. Happy about Shiver Strike, as that did feel a touch weak to me.


A shame. As it was this felt very... Titan. You just... punch. EVERYTHING. AND IT DIES! Oh well.

----Warlock ----



Same speed it cool, and I would be bummed out with the range nerf (as.. in all honesty, its very warlock) what they say here gives hope.

We still think the idea of each class having unique qualities to their melee is interesting, but we want to do it in a way that won’t cause one class to consistently lose slap fights. Maybe someday in the future.


OH... SHHHit. What. Are Ya Doin'. NOW!


"Handheld Supernova will no longer one-shot in PvP"


it now travels farther and pushes enemies back

*Grumble* Ugh. Eh... THIS SUCKER BETTER LAUNCH APES (to the moon) CUZ, DANG IT! The melee does this too, it launches folks. As now grenades take longer... again... I BETTER BE ABLE TO LAUNCH 'EM TO THE MOON! In fact, could we get that Snappy Speed back? Like the one from the clip I have in the post I'm responding to? Please?
If it's going to take longer to get, and it doesn't even one hit, then BOY-O-BOY it better feel BOSS to use! Y'all nerfed it at one point because at one point it was a shatterdive in its day. Un-nerf that please. PLEASE!


I hope the Winter's Wrath nerf against supers doesn't make it feel clumsy to use. That Bleak Watcher cooldown nerf man. Instead of keeping it "up my sleeve" now I'll need to make sure I put it on with intent. That's a shame, but I get why.

Y'all did your homework. Instead of me making the long AF post, Bungie did. And that's how it should be. How's this for praise? For once, I'm actually impressed. Despite whatever petty misgivings I may have, Bungie did their due diligence in... *GASP* competent and reasonable choices.

*French Kiss*

Thank you Bungie. See you out there on the 7th.



things that I agree with

crystal changes, buff to warlock melee and behemoth changes.

outside of that? it feels like we're going backwards. welcome back to D2 Vanilla

dmg04 Y'know - this has been a concern on many of our minds since the tuning began. A lot of abilities have been dominating the PvP space for years now. While many of the goals outlined in the TWAB today are stepping abilities back a bit in PvP, there was no desire to return specifically to D2Y1 ability regen and cooldown.

Something to note is that a ton of the work being done for this update was to unlock the ability to tune abilities in a more granular fashion. Not just timers, but damage and other aspects of each ability as well.

The team will be watching feedback when these changes roll out on the 7th. Nothing here is set in stone, and it's pretty exciting to think that we can now go through feedback about say, tiers of supers, and have the ability to change ability cooldowns / how quickly you can earn the supers to bring them in line (rather than nerfing damage output or something like that.)

All of this is to say, we totally understand the concerns here. Hopefully when you get your hands on the changes, they won't feel as scary as they might sound on paper. And even if some assumptions are proven correct? We now have more ways to tune things up or down. which will help make the PvP sandbox even more exciting as D2 continues to evolve.

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