TWAB|18th of November, 2021| Is it as bad as I fear? (Criticism)

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I've not read this TWAB yet. I've scrolled along and hopped about its words to size it up, but as of my now posting this, I know not it's bulk. But clearly, it seems to be of abilities and to that end I have something to say. Or rather, I've had something to say but unfortunately I was unable to finish it due to other obligations in life. In fact that's why I was unable to make a post for last weeks TWAB too, which also has stuff in it worthy of discussion. So perhaps y'all got saved, as what I'm to put here is to be much shorter then the deep dive I would have inevitably made.

It would have been titled: Warlock "Rant": Ability Nerfs Incoming

And it started with these few tweets, which started my considerations in what I wanted to say.


The key note in all of this of course being: "nerf will debut in the 30th anniversary patch alongside a slew of other abilities focused on shifting the meta more towards gunplay".

As a Warlock Main, for me the phrase "alongside a slew of other abilities focused on shifting the meta more towards gunplay" brings to me a sense of dread. Why? Because I'm a Warlock main, that's why. Abilities are the Warlock Bread and Butter. That's why Warlocks don't (won't?) have Exotics that buff weapon statistics like Hunters often get, or health like Titans are more likely to get. Each class has it's "fantasy". Warlock kit often adds to the capacity or use of abilities, be they character or FINALLY weapon based. THAT'S THE WARLOCK PLAYSTYLE! Why? Because of all the classes we're the most... OOooo MAGIC! *Wavy Hands*

Wait! I have a .gif for this! :D


YEAaaaah. ^_^

"Casting Spells" is our deal yo!

(As it just so happens, this clip above occured three years ago today.)

Yet, on the same coin, I know something needed to be done. There was too much ability spam, to the point where in some games it felt repressive and just not fun to play against (if you even had a chance to do so). I know things needed to be toned back for the game to thrive. And even when they push it too far, WHICH IS CERTAINLY going to happen, they can tweak it. But when? Void Middle Tree was nerfed into the ground and not touched again for... I wanna say years.

Now they are touching EVERYTHING. It's a whole new game yet again.

As a WARLOCK MAIN Abilities are my bread and butter. The altering and consuming of power in one way to give me the option to do something else. Eat a grenade - health, grow grenade power, fusion rifle shotgun blast from your feek'n HAND, battle buddy, basically freaking fly. That is just one set of examples.

It's fun. There should be unpredictability when you go up against a Warlock. Perhaps I'm pulling a hunters trick out of my hat, but a Warlock should always have some trick up it's sleeve. We are not fast and agile like hunters, nor the resolute wall of tank like will as titans.

We Warlock mains are the ones with the true bag of tricks.

And so, as Warlock main, what else can I say but...

"I fear no man. But that thing, it scares me."


Now then... I have some reading to do.

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