Two. Scarabs. (Gaming)

by Anna Komnene, Friday, January 05, 2024, 05:23 (160 days ago) @ uberfoop

I see where you're coming from with some of these, but most of these just don't matter. I guess in terms of story two scarabs can be kinda underwhelming, but in terms of gameplay, there's nothing like it, which makes it a great send-off.

I always found the dual scarab encounter to have some tight design despite its size. I'm always worried about danger.

And this?

It also has a sloppy setup, with things like the impact sites being super-obviously drawn onto the dirt and snow even before the scarabs land. Furthermore, while it's not the only spot that the game has a pelican awkwardly drifting around doing nothing, it's staged in a way that makes these sorts of things stick out. It's very much a "how the sausage is made" kind of encounter.

Eh. None of this really matters.

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