Thoughts on Deep Stone Crypt *Spoilers* (Destiny)

by squidnh3, Sunday, November 21, 2021, 20:17 (219 days ago) @ CyberKN

You strike me as a guy who likes to figure things out for yourself, and as such it's not a huge surprise that your run through DSC didn't elicit similar reactions to ours when it was new.

Probably a big part of the spacewalk being such a "moment" (besides the music) is that it follows probably the most difficult encounter in the raid. In our blind run we spent hours and hours on that 2nd encounter, failing repeatedly on the final stand. None of us had Lament so damaging the bosses was really difficult, and we had to go through a lot more cycles, putting a tremendous amount of pressure on not screwing up at the end. When we finally did it, the spacewalk was such a moment of bliss and catharsis.

You were also shortchanged on the final boss. The 4-bomb+Divinity+Fusions(or slug shotguns) strategy is very effective, but it's super boring and is mostly a "roll the dice" strategy, where you just do it over and over again until things work out right. In the blind run, we did it 2 bombs at a time, which requires a Scanner, and we did a lot of iteration on the best way to do DPS (I think Kermit did figure out Divinity for us to beat it).

Personally, I never got to do VoG blind, and as such it's not really one of my favorites. Actually it's probably in my bottom 2 of all Destiny raids.

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