Bungie, Just Give Me the Keys. (Criticism)

by Claude Errera @, Wednesday, November 10, 2021, 11:26 (197 days ago) @ Morpheus

That was actually my first attempt ever doing Grandmaster—we did pretty well until the 2nd level of security in the warehouse, those two Overloads.

That clip happened on our third try. I thought I was getting shot around the corner, so I turned to shoot him since I knew it was a Minor. Nobody there! I get shot some more, and I try to at least get some cover, and then I briefly wondered if I was getting shot from behind, and I then die quickly after, and then THAT!

Boy, you should've heard my reaction.

A season or two ago, The Disgraced was a GM Nightfall option, and it's a relatively easy run, so we farmed it.

After the open space (where you fight first the wizards, then the two knights on pillars, then the shriekers), you go back inside - there are a pair of servitors, and then you simply run through to where you meet Navota for the first time.

Right after the servitors is a sniper vandal that we called the most dangerous vandal in the game - he wiped us a couple of times, and almost ALWAYS got one of us down to nothing (or dead), even after we knew he was dangerous.

He wasn't anything special - just a red-bar vandal. But even when you expected him, he STILL hit you. It was ridiculous. Once, just out of spite, I saved my nova bomb (not using it on the servitors, where it would have really helped), and NUKED his ass as I came around the corner. (He still got a shot off, and I was red-health for a few seconds. BUT HE WAS DEAD, AND THAT WAS WHAT MATTERED.)

Sometimes it's the little guys you have to watch out for. :)

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